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    Learn to dance with
    precision and grace
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Wild West Squares is owned and operated by musician and caller Carla Roberts who believes that dancers want to succeed and be challenged while having fun learning.
After a successful 35 year music career, she became fascinated with the mechanics of square dance calling and soon created a vibrant community of newly trained square dancers who continue to grow and evolve through ongoing lessons and super fun special dances with visiting National and Regional callers.
Her plus level square dance club called "THE WILD WEST DIAMONDS" is a DBD based club, with all members trained to "dance by definition". They learn to think on their feet and analyze calls in increasingly difficult ways. This approach to dancing allows dancers to blossom into razor sharp team players - after all square dance is really a team sport!

Wild West Square Invite

Square Dancing is:


friendship in motion

community of fun
great exercise
loneliness busting
poetry in motion
our heritage

Full Liability Coverage and Music Licensing with BMI & ASCAP

Serving Durango, Mancos, Pagosa Springs, Ignacio and Bayfield, Colorado
and Aztec, New Mexico


Carla Roberts - Wild West Squares
970-903-6478  Durango, Colorado


Would you like to learn how to square dance?
Beginning Lessons start Monday, October 7th, 2019
Featuring Carla Roberts as caller 

Our classes in Durango, CO are held at the Florida Grange, 656 Hwy 172

Call 970-903-6478 to register

Keep your brain in top shape wiith square dance!

If you can walk briskly you can dance

Singles welcome



Little Horses Wild West Squares
Wild West Diamonds
DBD Plus and A1
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Wednesdays - Plus DBD and A1 classes
4:00 to 6:00 pm (ongoing)
every Wednesday
at PLPOA Clubhouse, 230 Port Avenue

Contact Carla Roberts 970-903-6478

Wild West Diamonds
DBD Plus and A1
Durango, Colorado

Thursdays - Plus DBD and A1 classes
7:30 to 9:15 pm (ongoing)
1st and 4th Thursdays at Florida Grange
656 Hwy 172

2nd and 3rd Thursdays location to be announced weekly
Contact Carla Roberts 970-903-6478

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